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“After getting engaged, I immediately reached out to Jane Deux Event Planning. I have followed their work for years and knew that I could trust them to handle the details of my special day. From arranging venue visits to handling vendor details, Jane Deux proved to be extremely knowledgeable. I chose to be a hands on bride, but I frequently sought advice from my coordinators. As it got closer to the wedding day and I could feel myself getting anxious, Jane Deux was perfectly content with me transitioning from a hands on bride to a "you guys do everything please" bride. On the actual day, I was very calm because I knew everything was under control. My mother (who was completely against hiring a wedding coordinator) was overwhelmed with the professionalism and organization of Jane Deux. I know brides and their families think they can handle everything on their own, but getting married should be full of joy...not stress. And that's one of the main reasons why I chose to hire Jane Deux. Three months later and I'm still getting constant compliments on how beautiful, fun and memorable our wedding was. If you're on the fence about getting a coordinator, let me help you out! You need one...more specifically YOU NEED JANE DEUX! Thank you ladies for everything. I'll definitely be recommending and using your services in the future.”

– Kristina Mills-Tetteh

"Words truly cannot express how appreciative I am for Jane Deux Event Planning. I started the long journey of planning my wedding 2 years ago and Jane Deux has been there every step of the way. I began the process with so many different ideas and concepts that I wanted to incorporate into the wedding but didn’t quite know how to implement them. Crystal made sure that she did everything she could to find a way to make all of my wishes come to fruition. Week after week, I saw Crystal’s tireless efforts towards making my wedding come to life. She communicated with me excellently and she was flexible and adaptable to my crazy work schedule. What amazes me the most about my time with Jane Deux is that I never felt like I was a bride they were juggling and there was never a moment when I didn’t have their full attention.

The entire Jane Deux staff felt like family. Crystal transcended being my full-time coordinator to being a friend and confidant when bridesmaids weren’t cooperating and things didn’t go as planned. It was more than a business relationship but an emotional friendship connection. Crystal and I spent so much time together discussing the vendors, décor, and timelines that it seemed as though she was in the trenches with me and wanted my dream wedding to happen as badly as I did. Crystal learned my taste as a bride and made sure that there was no stone unturned even when it came to the smallest details and me being a fervent worrier, I was put at ease knowing that everything would be taken care of. She even wasn’t afraid to rein me in if my ideas were too far-fetched. On the day of the wedding, the Jane Deux staff worked so quickly and efficiently that I hardly even noticed their presence. They stayed on top of all my vendors and made sure everything ran proficiently. The entire day flowed so smoothly and didn’t feel disorganized in the least bit.

You can tell that the Jane Deux staff put their heart and effort into every bride by their work and professionalism.  I’ve heard countless remarks from my guests that the wedding was one of the best ones they had ever been to. And I owe a tremendous amount to the professional staff of Jane Deux for making that happen.”

- Jasmine Okoli

“Jane Deux made our day stress free, effortless, and organized from beginning to end. If something unexpected happened things were taken care of efficiently and swiftly! They were there with answers and resources for anything I needed. I can’t imagine how things may turned out without their help. Hiring Jane Deux as our coordinator was the best decision we could have made for our wedding.”

– Josie Duncan

“Jane Deux came in at the most stressful time in my wedding planning and I can’t put into such a words what a relief it was to have them managing the details of my wedding! From our first conversation I was confident that Crystal knew her stuff and that she understood what I wanted my big day to feel like. Jane Deux took care of all things related to decor for my wedding and I also had the day of package. Leading up to the wedding, Crystal kept me up to date with everything that was happening and always answered any question that I had. As it got closer to the wedding and our communication became more frequent, Crystal felt less like a hired vendor and more like a friend, which made the planning even easier. The week of the wedding Crystal was available for whatever I needed and on the day of the wedding, any small details that still needed to be done, her and her team took care of without any complaint. On my wedding day I felt just like a bride should, and if anything went wrong I had no idea, which is exactly what I wanted! I can’t imagine doing the wedding planning process without her!"

-Chelsea Drake

“Crystal and her team made planning my wedding a fun and stressless process. Even when minor issues arose, Crystal quickly reassured me and found a solution. She is truly a fixer! I was able to relax on my wedding day and enjoy every moment because I knew that we were in very capable hands. Crystal was professional, responsive and genuine. I enjoyed working with her and am trying to find something else for her to help plan for me. I highly recommend Jane Deux Event Planning to any future bride!”

-Errica Hooper

“Jane Deux does amazing work! They are creative, professional, and will work hard to make sure that your event is great! I am very happy that I used Jane Deux.”

-Kelsi Walker

“Jane Deux's owner, Crystal Sowah, is amazing. My husband and I signed up for the day-of wedding coordinator package, and she went above and beyond anything we could have expected. She met with us several times throughout the planning process to ask us about our progress, give suggestions, and make sure we were on track. Her questions were pertinent and we were far better prepared for the wedding than we would have been otherwise. She has excellent experience and knowledge of weddings and all the work necessary to plan one. Crystal and her assistants, Courtney and Mona, were incredibly patient. From someone who had very little idea of what she wanted from a wedding, they were able to help guide us through the process. Crystal and her team were very warm, professional, and passionate about their work. Especially day-of, they ensured that my husband and I were never bothered by questions. They took over the entire checklist, made sure our vendors were present when they were supposed to be, that our contracts would be honored, the flowers were placed exactly right, the audio portion of the ceremony was working, etc. The best part is that they did it all with a smile! Our wedding was as amazing as it was because Crystal and the team made sure everything was running smoothly in the background so we didn't worry about anything. They even gave us an aisle runner so we wouldn't have to buy one ourselves! I would very strongly recommend Jane Deux Event Planning for wedding coordinator work. They are sweethearts and will help you make your day everything you could ever want it to be.”

-Veronica Patel

“Crystal was an amazing event planner!! Tons of ideas, very professional and creative! I would DEFINITELY recommend using her company.”

-Clorissa Utley

“The coordinators were great! They were very helpful and provided me with so much insight. My vision was exactly how I had imagined it to be. I had no complaints.”

-Cierra Nickerson

 “My experience with Jane Deux can barely be put into words. Most brides have their entire wedding planned before they even get a ring, I was not one of them. The thought of planning a wedding, picking flowers, vendors, and even colors, stressed me out; so I did the unthinkable. I gave Jane Deux my budget and told them to surprise me, that I wouldn’t see anything until the day of my wedding. When I walked into the ceremony and reception room on the day I got married, seeing the decorations for the first time brought me to tears. Crystal, the owner of Jane Deux, went above and beyond her call of duty making sure my day was more than perfect. She took so much pride in the event, that you would think it was her own wedding. Being able to trust a company with an event that is said to be the most important event of your life can be tough, but because of the integrity and overall care that Jane Deux shows, I never thought twice. Being a bride without a huge budget may have turned many other wedding planners away, but Jane Deux approached me with a can do attitude and made me feel like my wedding cost a million dollars. If there is one thing I believe about the company, it’s that Jane Deux truly does make fairy tales come true.”

-Nicole Lynn

“Crystal is very professional at what she does. She takes pride in the happiness of her clients and knows when to suggest ideas. She never stepped on me or my husbands toes and allowed plenty of time for us to make final decisions.”

-Kayla Randolph      

“I hired Jane Deux for my wedding after meeting the owner at a Houston bridal show. Jane Deux was hired for day of coordination, RSVP tracking, coordinating transportation and other miscellaneous tasks along the way. The day of coordination was perfect! Crystal and her staff ensured my wedding was flawless and that all of my needs were met. I hired Jane Deux to ensure my day was stress free overall and Crystal and her staff made sure that happened!

-Germani Hunt

“Crystal is an amazing coordinator! She worked very hard to make sure that I received the dream wedding that I wanted. I contacted Jane Deux to help me plan my wedding in a short amount of time and she helped me create a day that I will always cherish. She is extremely organized, detailed oriented, and creative. I was very pleased and very comfortable with leaving my wedding in her hands. Thanks Crystal!”

-Christine Knighton

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