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The Return of Velvet!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, that quintessential 90s fabric that we’ve known and loved as velvet has made its way back onto the New York Fashion Week runways and is now officially a Fall 2017 trend for weddings and events! Bold pops of colored velvet can be used as statement pieces at your next holiday party, New Years Eve shindig, wedding and so much more. Expect your rich velvety pieces to elevate the look of your event as it screams tradition and luxury all at the same time!

We’ve seen our favorite celebs and models like Kendall Jenner, Imani, and Victoria Beckham rock rich velvet pieces on the runway and in the streets. This fall and winter season is the perfect time to be inspired and use this bold trend at your next event.

You can incorporate this trend by using bold pops of colored velvet linens on your reception tables, renting velvet lounge furniture for cocktail themed parties, creating velvet invitations to pass out to all of your guests, securing velvet ribbons on your wreaths, and definitely incorporating the fuzzy fabric into your attire. And don't forget to top of your evening with some delicious red velvet cake! However you decide to use velvet at your next event, it is sure to add texture to your overall look and it pairs beautifully with classic table settings and gorgeous bold colored blooms. Get creative with this warm and rich fabric and enjoy it for the season!

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