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Jane Deux Event Management and Consulting is a full service event planning and public relations firm based out of Houston, TX. Jane Deux provides Event planning solutions in the US and International locations for corporate events, weddings, non-profit events, private parties, and sporting events. Our in-house PR team also provides services for influencers in the sports and entertainment industry. 

The Jane Deux team is comprised of two event producers and one public relations executive with over 20 years of combined experienceThey lead a team of several skilled event planners and public relations specialists which contribute to the overall success of the company. The goal for our clients seeking event management is to eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes along with planning and executing high-level events, and allow them the joy of being able to focus on the core aspects of their work. Jane Deux consultants apply skill, organization, and foresight to our client’s vision in order to produce memorable events and create lasting impressions. Our team of publicists utilize their knowledge of social and public media strategy to help clients make meaningful connections with their audience. At Jane Deux, the ultimate goal for our pr clients is to increase brand visibility and position them as leaders that set positive industry standards.


Crystal Aryee

Event Producer

IG: @crystaljaryee

Courtney An'Janae

Event Producer

IG: @courtneyanjanae

Jasmine Mack

Public Relations Executive

IG: @jmackpr

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